The Portland Salon
The Portland Salon
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We value insightful questions, intellectual bravery, levity,
curiosity and the use of your own voice & intellect

Delightful & insightful

The salon is an intimate gathering of interesting people. It is full of lively conversation about really big questions. We expect that smart people will disagree and that fascinating insights about yourself and humankind will be abundant!

The mood is festive, exploratory and sharply insightful. 

We hope that everyone leaves feeling replenished, inspired and with a new friend or two.

community & conversation

Each salon focuses on one BIG idea: education, religion, technology, love, the good life, creativity, etc. etc.

We approach these sprawling questions through 3-5 pointed subtopics that can be discussed in any order and used by the facilitator to shift the conversation as needed. It is not expected (or likely) to go through all, or even most, of the subtopics. They are meant to empower the conversation, not drive it.

The big idea and subtopics are sent out to participants at least two weeks in advance of the salon. There may be reading material offered at that time, but it is 100% optional.

The evening begins with a light vegetarian meal, often in the form of a hearty soup or stew, served with crusty bread. Please let me (Rebecca) know if you have any food restrictions and I'll let you know if we can accommodate!

Attendees are encouraged to bring a bottle of wine (or beverage of their choice) to share. 

the really big questions

Topics are big and wide ranging. They may be considered from different angles over multiple salons.

Salon-worthy topics include:

Love & Monogamy, Security & Risk, Friendship, Predictions for the Future, Parenthood & Child Rearing, Regrets, Education & Schooling, Bubbles & Getting an Outside Perspective, Religion & Spirituality, Drugs & Consciousness, The Art of Storytelling, Consumerism, Creativity & Imagination, The Good Life and many more!

If you have an idea for the salon to discuss please contribute! 

CommonSense rules

I'm not big on rules... Or rule following for that matter. So let's keep this short & sweet:

  1. You're here to contribute! Ask questions. Trust that you're interesting.
  2. But don't be that guy who everyone wishes would just shut up already.
  3. While its powerful to stand on the shoulders of giants, the purpose of this gathering is to sharpen your own intellect, not rely on someone else's.
  4. Disagreement is encouraged! Disrespect is unacceptable.
  5. This is not a debate. There is no winning or losing. If you engage in a "winning argument" that misses the heart & point of the discussion, you will be called out.
  6. The salon is a digital light space. If the group wants to google something, we can & will, but solo digital engagement (e.g. playing with your phone) is not welcome.
  7. Facilitation is offered with a light hand. Calling out the facilitator is fair game.


Get In touch

If you're interested in attending a salon or have any questions / comments / concerns, please get in touch with me (Rebecca), the founder of the Portland Salon, through the form below.